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Originally Posted by johnlee
I just looked through the old Action pages and found some more pics of SAS Defenders with what I think are 9.00s:

That looks older than the first Gulf War, but I can't be sure. But at a minimum the vehicle is set up like the Gulf War SAS Defenders so it's close in time.

The tires there aren't XZL's but you can tell they're big. They look a lot wider than a 8.25. They look about as wide as 265s, which makes me think they're 9.00s.

Also, the spare on the hood is looking awfully big. I have the spare tire mounting kit and planned to install it on my Defender so that I could have a second spare for Dusy- and Mexico-style trips. But I couldn't bring myself to drill the hood. But when Frank Motley was at the shop, I test-fitted an extra 8.25 wheel I had onto his hood and it looked bitchin. It didn't look huge like the tire on this Defender.

Incidentally, I love those Huskies with the relocated solenoid boxes.

This one is definitely from the Gulf War:

8.25s aren't even close to being that wide.

I agree, that thing is wide.

Look at the 7.50 mounted on my hood:

It sits on the bushings well above the hood itself. You can clearly see the gap.

But this monster tire looks like it's actually resting on the hood itself:

John, you should go for it on the hood mount kit.
Hoods are actually relatively plentiful. You can even have two if you want. It takes less than a minute to remove the 90/110 hood. Any time I work in the engine bay I take the hood completely off. That way you could keep your NAS hood intact and have a second with the tire mount kit.
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