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Originally Posted by Nadir_E
That's an interesting idea, Jack. Might have to think about that.

As one of the few people I know who runs a hood-mounted spare, but who has also wheeled without them, how do you feel about the visibility issues caused by the spare on the bonnet?


Nadir, Look at that 7.50:

You get the idea.
It barely sticks up above the dash. It's so thin it really doesn't make any difference at all. Furthermore, for most truly difficult terrain you use the Force anyways. It's not like you can see the obstacle you're on.

I did try running a 255/85 Dunlop on the hood of the Black NAS 110 pictured below.

That wasn't so good. The tire was so wide that I couldn't see up the trail on Defense Mine in Death Valley. I think with 255 or 265 it would get annoying, but with any of the nice skinny sizes it works out well.
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