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My very limited understanding of CO2 is that the cold comes from the CO2 going from liquid to air inside the tank. When the CO2 is pressurized inside the tank, it is in liquid form, like the propane in a cigarette lighter. That's why you can store a Power Tank any which way you like, but the tank has to be upright during use. That is, you don't want liquid CO2 going through the regulator and hose.

My very limited understanding is that the cold effect comes from the liquid turning into air. It's sort of like water on your body evaporating into the atmosphere. It feels cool when this happens, because you are actually getting cooled by that evaporation. Same thing happens inside the tank. Think of the liquid CO2 "evaporating" into the top of the tank.

I'm sure all of this is incorrect from a physics standpoint. I was never interested enough in the matter to do any research on it. The liquid CO2 might be boiling into the top of the tank rather than evaporating. I have no real clue.

But the tank gets cold during use. And this is normal. I think paintball guns (which use CO2 as propellant) freeze up if they are fired too quickly.
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