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I have broken multiple shocks on different vehicles. Some I have installed some I have not. Common factors are me, and the shock brand. Things I have noticed change are the type or color of the bushings OME provides and the washers OME supplies. This latest break shows that the weld had cracked, rusted then broke clean at a later time. So maybe it was an after effect of last years break.

This thing that is clear is that the weld is the weakest part of the shock. I break them there every time. I am throwing in the towel and going to fox or blingstien which don't use a welded hoop. If it's my driving that is the reason for the breakage, then I hope the new brand can handle it. I do not think I am particularly hard on my vehicle, that is to say, I'm not changing my driving style. I expect the goddamn shock had just better be up to the task.
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