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Originally Posted by johnlee
Hmmm. I can come up with only one theory, and it's a pretty tenuous one.

The theory is that the incorrect washers you've fitted are causing the breakage.

The standard Land Rover upper shock mounts look like this:

Flanking both sides of the shock loop are dome washers:

The outside of the washers are flat and the sides facing the shock bushing are domed. The hole in these washers is large enough that it will slide over the unthreaded portion of the shock mount's shank. It's impossible to overtighten the rear upper shock because the the threaded portion of the shank is smaller than the unthreaded portion:

The washers you've used seem to be of two different types. This washer is a mystery to me:

However, this washer looks to be an OME bushing washer:

I just tested one of these washers over the shock mount, and the hole is too small to slide over the unthreaded portion of the shock mount. That might explain why you have so little thread showing here:

Your M12 nut looks like a standard nut and not a nyloc, so I'm guessing it's shorter in height than the usual M12 nyloc.

So I'm guessing you have more side-to-side play in the tops of your rear shocks. Not only are your washers farther apart, but you are not getting the compression from the convex faces of the domed washers.

I'm not sure why this play would cause the shocks to break over and over the way they have, but you're the only one suffering these shock breakages. Pretty much all of us run OME shocks in the rear and we're not breaking the loops. The only differences I can come up with might be driving style and the wrong washers. Because you are an expert driver who would never bash his truck, the only thing I can come up with is the washers.

So I would call up Will Tillery and acquire some of these domed washers.

I had domed washers on the side that broke on this trip. OME washers on the other side. Not only do I feel that I do not "beat" my truck offroad, but I feel as though I should be able to give it two or three times what I throw at it before there is breakage.
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