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Go to a longer shock. Done.
Or, go to a lower upper shock mount. Done, again.

I too broke an OME shock right out of the box. I'm sure John remembers. It just pulled apart. Has not happened since. Talk to the hand.

Actually, the Bilstein 7100's in 400/100 are really sweet. Get the bushings over the heims, though. Heims are for Jeepers. When loaded they feel really nice. When empty they're a bit harsh. But when you're taking your Disco off some sweat jumps you'll really like the Bill's.

What do you do with that truck anyway? You've got to be doing some Evil Knievil shit Jeremy McGrath style. I've seen you drive and you drive like my grandother in her 1976 Plymouth Valiant slant 6 3-on-the-tree and bench seats on a Western Pennsylvania rural country road on her way back from the farmers market Sunday afternoon. I don't get it. Maybe I'm not supposed to.
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