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Death Valley Soiree

In light of the fact that there's no longer any large events on the calendar for this faction of the SoCal crowd I thought some of us might want to get together for a come-one-come-all gathering in Death Valley in February or March.
This is not a club event, bbq, raffle or competition. Just an opportunity to meet up, chit chat, take some pics, talk shit with the familiar faces and do some group trail runs over a weekend in Death Valley.

I'll take responsibility for picking an area/campsite (preferably BLM) which permits group camping without a lot of bullshit and post GPS coordinates. Other than that just come as you are. No itinerary, no meal rotation, no guest list. Plan to come Friday night and leave Sunday.

Post your thoughts on dates. I'm going to throw out March 5th to 7th.

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