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Eric Siepmann
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Originally Posted by JSQ
I'm not saying the 2.5 NA isn't fun. It is. And it's utterly tough and reliable. I think that's the reason the British Army kept it around for so long, skipping the various iterations of the J block 2.5 Turbo and 200 Tdi as well as all the V8s and jumping straight to the 300Tdi in the Wolf.

If I had a Series truck I'd probably rather have the 2.5 NA in it than any other motor, but if I wanted to run a big tire on a Defender it wouldn't be anywhere near my first choice.


How do you think the 2.5 would do in an 88? I never have driven one and am pretty happy with the 2.25. It's alright for the hobby truck. But I hear that a nice 2.5 is almost the same as a 200tdi in an 88. Gotta admit, the disco 200tdi, with 300tdi defender manifolds is tempting...

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