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Originally Posted by JSQ
I'm not saying the 2.5 NA isn't fun. It is. And it's utterly tough and reliable. I think that's the reason the British Army kept it around for so long, skipping the various iterations of the J block 2.5 Turbo and 200 Tdi as well as all the V8s and jumping straight to the 300Tdi in the Wolf.

If I had a Series truck I'd probably rather have the 2.5 NA in it than any other motor, but if I wanted to run a big tire on a Defender it wouldn't be anywhere near my first choice.

Originally Posted by Eric Siepmann

How do you think the 2.5 would do in an 88? I never have driven one and am pretty happy with the 2.25. It's alright for the hobby truck. But I hear that a nice 2.5 is almost the same as a 200tdi in an 88. Gotta admit, the disco 200tdi, with 300tdi defender manifolds is tempting...


I think the 2.5NA is a good match for a stock-ish Series truck. The 2.5NA gives you diesel reliability and fuel economy. It's also a better performer offroad and eliminates some of the concerns of the carbuerretor gas engine. It will tolerate steep angles and slide slopes and can be fully water-proofed. The diesel LT-77 gearbox is very strong and that represents a big upgrade over even the SIII tranny.

If you want to be Mr. I'm-more-green-then-you-and-your-smug-Prius you can run it on bio-diesel and be zero-emissions and zero-offset in your old car with no manufacturing impact.

However, I seriously doubt you can compare the 2.5NA to a 200Tdi in terms of power. The 2.5NA just lugs along. It isn't going to be any faster than your 2.25petrol. If you have dreams of flying down the interstate and barreling over mountain passes, forget it. If you want to be faster you've got to go with the 200Tdi or better. That said, if you were to go the turbo diesel route you soon have to upgrade other driveline components and you'd probably want better brakes. The 2.5NA is pretty drop-in.

If you're seriously considering the 2.5NA I'll give you my whole set-up cheap. 2.5NA, LT-77diesel, 1.6 LT-230 and cooling system. It's just sitting in the shop and I'd like to get it out of there. The injector pump needs to be rebuilt (any diesel shop) so I can either have that done or just price it all accordingly.
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