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Eric Siepmann
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Originally Posted by JSQ

If you're seriously considering the 2.5NA I'll give you my whole set-up cheap. 2.5NA, LT-77diesel, 1.6 LT-230 and cooling system. It's just sitting in the shop and I'd like to get it out of there. The injector pump needs to be rebuilt (any diesel shop) so I can either have that done or just price it all accordingly.


I need to complete my research. I think the transmission may need a 2" adjustment similar to the Ashcroft R380 conversion that ECR did. Oddly the last 88 ECR did Mike described the NA2.5 and R380 combo being more than adequate in traffic due to the gearing in the R380. I think your description is more accurate than most I have seen and to the folks I have spoken with who have done it.

My main concern is that I haven't been able to find out if the bulkhead is affected. Just had that restored by Ike Goss and I do not wan't to cut it.

George has a pump in stock.

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