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I don't know the dimensions of the later Series transmission tunnel or bulkhead, but considering that you'd be swapping everything, radiator to tcase, I'd imagine you could pretty much put the mounts wherever you like and make up driveshafts to accommodate your chosen line for the powertrain.

I got a lot of conflicting advice about locating my 300Tdi with L-suffix R380. Everyone was telling me I would need a different seatbox. I ended up putting the whole powertrain about two inches farther back because I kept the original t-case mounts. This left me ample room for my larger intercooler. I can't figure out why anyone would do it any other way. I didn't have to modify the bulkhead, tunnel or seatbox.

Generally speaking there's a lot of room in a Series and this engine and gearbox are fairly compact. That said, I've never done much with Series trucks.
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