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Temp Gauge Questions

I am looking to add a temp gauge for my 1992 RR that is actually useful. I would like to preserve the original temp gauge and don't want to drill for the new sender (essentially make this reversible).

MY IDEA (some/most of this is based on assumptions I have not verified. The obvious issue I'm facing is perhaps the resulting OHM difference being delivered to the stock gauge).

I was thinking I will use a identically sized "dual station" sender unit to feed the dash gauge and a VDO gauge.

ITEM 9 Above

So I would swap PRC7918 which I believe to be 3/8" (red collar indicates coarse threading, which should be near 16 for a 3/8" (?)....

With the VDO part (325-008) of this..

Then if all is perfect in the world, I reterm and connect the stock lead to the instrument cluseter and 1 to my new VDO Vision Temp Gauge.

However is it better/possible to...

A) Determine the OHM range currently being provided with the stock sender and compare to the new VDO gauge's need? 220oF 220-33omh 250oF 10-180omh. If they match can I feed both gauges?


B) If the stock sender is out of range for the VDO or cannot also supply both. Install the VDO sender and then manipulate the signal onto the instrument cluster temp gauge?


C) Not worry about the stock gauge cause its moronic, if I want it that bad, reverse it later.

This is entering the area where my knowledge is nearly non existent. Any help/comments will be greatly appreciated. And if I am chasing something that is a serious rabbit hole....say so.

I just like the idea of not losing "function" to improve something else, even if it is questionable at best.
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