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Not Utah

I had to visit a customer in Suriname last week and was fortunate to have a Saturday to see the country. I hired a tour guide to take me to Brownsberg Nature Park 2hrs south of the capitol Paramaribo. It was a surprisingly rough forest road up into the park, we had this Toyota 4x4 van that was kicking ass, I'm sure it was up on three wheels more than once.

I must warn that I accidentally left my standard lens in my room and was forced to use my Lensbaby with wide angle optic. The results are trippy, which is cool, but I'd like to have some normal pictures too. This lens is totally manual and it took me till the end of the day to figure out shutter speeds for the lighting, how to focus a warped image and generally how to shoot the damn thing.

complete set is here:

1999 Discovery 1

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