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RRC Suspension question

I have a 1994 LWB I would like to get a new set of shocks and springs for. I have purchased OME from EE in the past, and I've been very happy with them on my D1.

My LWB is my wife's rig. It currently has stock springs in the front, and the rear has been converted to springs. The springs in the rear came from a SWB model.

This is a daily driver for my wife, and it will be taken on long trips. My wife wants the ride to be smooth like a LWB should ride. However, the shocks in the rear are shitty Procomps, and the rear end bounces like Queen Latifah's ass. Drives me batty. I want to firm it up a bit without raising the rig too much. My wife likes the stock height (for now).

Normally, I would put OME medium duty springs and some OME shocks in, but this RRC has a 300Tdi, and it is a little heavier in front. I have a GDE non-winch front bumper.

Can you guys recommend a spring/shock combo? Will the 751's be enough to hold up that Tdi without too much sagging? What about the rear? The rig will probably not be towing anything, but it may be weighed down with luggage and stuff.

Also, I'm thinking if I get new shocks, I should swap the one-year old OME's on my D1 for some new Nitros........What do you think?

Thanks for the help and suggestions. I'm planning on buying from EE so suggestions on stuff they carry would be helpful.


Boise, ID
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