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For Disco1 I like replacing the digital clock with a read-out for EGT. You can get a very basic display that's a reasonable approximation of the factory clock. Those clocks always die anyways.

I wouldn't worry too much about a boost gauge.
Most of the dial gauges don't give you a very accurate reading (at least the gauges aren't hashed for more than a few psi). It's really only good for telling you when your turbo has died and you have no boost. You'll know when that happens without a gauge.
However, it is important to know exact boost when you're tuning your turbo and fuel. For this I made a fitting to run a Snap-On diagnostic vacuum gauge showing 0.25 psi increments. On the 300Tdi intake manifold there is threaded plug at the rear towards the firewall. This bolt is a weirdo M12x1.50. It's not the sort of thing you're likely to run out and find a barbed hose fitting for. Most people just tap the whole into the manifold. I didn't feel like changing this and I also didn't want to deal with the possibility of metal shavings in my intake. I elected to get an additional M12x1.50 bolt and drill out the center and tap the bolt head for a brass barbed fitting. I fit a copper sealing washer and threaded it back into the manifold. From there you can run a diagnostic gauge to get max boost and then take out the adapter when you're done and put the factory bolt back in.
Additionally you can leave the fitting in to run a boost gauge if you have your heart set on it or you can re-route your injector pump wastegate signal from the manifold to get true boost pressure.
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