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Light Duty Antenna Mount For RR?

I need some rookie advice regarding a method for mounting an antenna on my 1992 RR. This will be used for the Diamond 770 and SRH999 paired with my VX-8R. I'm also planning on getting a simple FT-2900R or FT-7900.

I looking for a high quality mount that is removable (preferably protects from damage from set screws etc). There are a few options I noticed from Diamond such as a trunk lip style mount. When I get home I'm going to take take a look measurements at the curve of the gutter as this style appears to only allow 1/4" lips. I could use the same mount approach on the side of the upper tailgate but wiring and tailgate use implications are not ideal.

This location would likely be better suited to a clamp type mount but I am having trouble finding one which will seat well into the gutter without damage.

There is also the HRKS window mount which I don't think is a great choice either. It appears as though it would require mounting on the rear window so that the spacing allows the antenna to be upright. I'm not sure the side rear window would allow clearing of the gutters edge.

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