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Peter, I started on the north side of the Hoh river and drove to the national park then turned right around and headed to the south side of the river. The first camp site I had was about 1 mile west of the confluence of the Hoh and the Hoh south fork. The next day I drove down past lake quinault and headed in the forest via FR2258. From there I just wandered around looking for spur roads making my way to back to Bremerton. I didn't really have anything planned, I just jumped in my truck and went.

Greg, I love that Zassenhaus grinder. My brother being the real coffee snob got one and I just had to have one too. That thing has a more consistent grind than just about any electric grinder I've seen. My Cuisinart electric grinder doesn't hold a candle to it. I actually get a better cup of coffee out on the trail than in my house. I would have had an even better cup if I had gone and got a pound from Stumptown instead of bringing a bag of Starbucks French roast. I don't know why I buy that stuff.
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