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Colockum Pass, WA

After a wet trip up near Mount Baker with Mike, I decided to head out to the eastern side of the Cascades for some drier weather. Rob was out with me this time and we headed east to the Quilomene Wildlife Area but it started to rain so we headed for higher ground in the mountains. As we got up to about 4000' the rain turned to snow and it was deep. We threw the front chains on and made it up to a good spot to camp for the night. The next day we threw the rears on and made our way to the pass. It was quite a trip as we broke every tensioner on the chains as well as some other pretty important parts. Thank god I keep a bunch of bungees on my rack because we used every one of them to rig the chains back together. I have some parts coming to fix the chains but I still will use two bungees in each wheel to keep them snugged up. It was damn cold out there but was a great trip.

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