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Wasn't me. I have the Die Hard PM-2, which is equivalent to the Odyssey PC-1500 not the PC-2150. The PM-2 is a Group 34 battery and the PM-1 is a Group 31 which is much larger.

With that said, I think it's possible to fit a Odyssey PC-2150 or Die Hard PM-1 in the 1998+ Discovery. But this would require getting creative with the A/C lines and the radiator support on the passenger side.

One other option is to get the ECU remote location kit, install a Defender washer bottle in place of the battery, and install your new battery where the washer bottle was with a custom bracket/box. Sounds ghetto to me, but it could work if you wanted that battery like a fat kid wants a candy bar.

I have found the PM-2 to be sufficient, though. If not, there is always the jump-box.
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