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Here's my theory on helmets and helmet wearers. Riders who wear helmets hate riders who don't wear helmets because:

(1) The helmet wearers know deep down inside that they look like freds. This is especially so when they see you not wearing a helmet and they're reminded of how freddish they look. This upsets them.

(2) The helmet wearers ride in fear. They don't like the fact that they're afraid and you're not.

I'm always amused by the fact that the helmet wearers are vehemently in favor of mandatory helmet laws. These people already wear their own helmets. Such a law wouldn't even affect them. At most they should be indifferent toward such laws. And yet they're vehemently in favor of them. It's almost their religion.

Really, do you think the helmet wearers care that much about our welfare? They don't even like us.

As with most things, there's a purported reason and a real reason for why people do what they do.
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