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Yesterday, I had a couple hours of daylight so decided to venture out to Griffith Park. I kind of got lost once in the park and ended up just following a few riders. I ended up on Mt. Hollywood Drive and decided to follow the road. So the climb began...

I got tired and wanted to capture some of the scenery... overlooking Mt Sinai Memorial and hazy Burbank.

Looking West, Hollywood is probably somewhere beyond those hills.

Back to climbing and climbing... and finally at the top of Mt. Hollywood Drive, and that dome structure would be Griffith Observatory,

The view was nice even w/ the hazy weather. It added a nice color to the sunset. This 36 mile ride took me 3 hours. It was a fun road with many switchbacks and there were many sections where it was gravel, dirt, and cracked asphalt. I kind of enjoyed the rough ride. My little piece of Paris-Roubaix action. My Vittoria SC's performed great on the uneven road.
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