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View from Via del Monte:

Bring your A game on Saturday. I rode Via del Monte and PV East this morning along the same route, but headed straight back to the shop after PV East. I was totally overgeared (42x21) and really suffering on both climbs and had to take several bail-outs (doing circles in a driveway to recover) and even traversed a few sections. I was so worn out from Via del Monte that I just cruised along PV South and I still ate shit on PV East.

Bring lots of water as well. Today was broiling hot, even in the morning. My bottle was empty after the top of Via del Monte and I rode dry until I reached the Steve Hartt drinking fountain at the top of PV East.

I'm scared shitless about Saturday. The thought of climbing Western, climbing to Malaga Cove, and then climbing PV North after what I did this morning is intimidating.
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