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Ride Report:

On our way to Palos Verdes...
We are turning right!

I didn't have time or energy to pull out my phone for pictures on the Via del Monte climb. It was a great view from 1000 feet above sea level. Looks like a 3 mile climb w/ about 800 feet gain.

Climbing PV East... Can you tell this is a popular bike route. I've seen several guys climbing full gas. They don't even say "good morning" back, they are too busy.

PV East is a nice climb. Maybe 1.8 miles with about 500 ft elevation? It's time to descend and John takes the lead followed by Chris and his sweet Cinelli.

So after PV East we proceed to climb Western to PV South and do a quick 7-11 pit stop. John enjoying his oversized coke.


John takes the lead again as we PV South heading back to Malaga Cove.

Craig breaks away on his new titanio Seven bike... well, just kidding they were just riding and chit chatting... LOL

Heading back to EE after about 50 miles.

In summary according to my Garmin thingy... 52.8 miles, 4 h 22 min, 3517 feet elevation gain and average temp was 75F.
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