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kinda depends on what the pistol is for...

9 mm is a good cheap round for plinking: I have a USP 9F that goes to the range, and have trained with it for a few years now. Easy to shoot, relatively accurate but not much good for self defense. It is not made very well, shake the pistol and it rattles, not much of a confidence builder.
The P7 is a good house gun, my kids can't (yet) depress the grip safety, but it is only a 9 mm. I've tried the P2000, better made, but it's a compact and I have trouble being accurate with it: but overall not bad.
I do volunteer work at the Santa Monica PD, and their issue sidearm is a USP 45: they tried other calibers but feel that the 45 is most effective when they really need it. The USP 45 is a bit more solid feeling than my 9, but it also rattles a bit, kinda odd. Low recoil for a 45.
I just got a used Sig 226 in 40 ca, will be using it for training classes: it feels very solid, no rattles, operates very smoothly, da/sa, and has a rail for a night light. I dropped it onto the garage floor (unloaded) to check for ruggedness, no problems, everything works fine.

In short, if you want a range gun, a 9 mm makes sense. If you plan to use it to protect yourself, maybe a 45 is a better choice. Try both at a range and get what feels/shoots best for you.
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