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Interpret? LOL. That's how the 226 works. That is, unless you thumb-cock the damn thing every time you draw it.

At the range, it's very common for owners of DA autos to load the magazine and drop the slide and then start shooting. I see this all the time. These shooters never discover what a disadvantage the DA/SA transition is, because they never shoot this way. Or, they know the DA/SA transition is a disadvantage, and that's why they don't decock the weapon before firing. Shooting is hard enough as it is and they don't want to make it even harder.

And "fixed" means "moves lengthwise but non-tilt"? Good to know. Now I will go through life knowing that the Luger, P38, Beretta 92, Vickers, Maxim, MG34, MG42, etc. all have "fixed barrels".

Incidentally, if "fixed" refers to a barrel that slides back and forth longitudinally but doesn't tilt, what would the P7's barrel be? Would its design be a "permanently anchored and tenaciously affixed in a changeless and immotile position" design?
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