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Originally Posted by traveltoad

Hmmm. I think that's the G4 edition isn't it?

It's interesting that when I purchased my SIG-Sauer P228 in 1993, J.P Sauer & Sohn Gmbh (as well as Hammerli AG Sportwaffenfabrik and Sigarms Inc. Service Dept.) were a subsidiaries of SIG (Schweizerische Industrie-Gesellschaft) of Switzerland. At the time, you could also purchase a P210 as easily as my P228 it just cost a few more bucks at B&B.

Now, Sigarms is no longer simply a service department but a firearms manufacturer and SIG is a separate company (now called SAN Swiss Arms) owned privately by a couple of Germans. Of course, in the same time period HK has had a few changes...

Anyway, John's comment regarding the P7 not being available in anything other than 9mm isn't quite true if you count the P7M10. In fact, that pic above looks to have a barrel with lands/grooves rather than a polygonal bore so M10? The M10 feels quite a bit heavier to me than even the P7M13. However, the extra weight feels right when you factor in the heavier recoil of the .40 cal.

In reference to the P220/225/226/228/229 series "suffering" from a high bore line I was telling Jack that I could just as easily argue that the P7 "suffers" from a low bore axis. I grew up with a J.P. Sauer & Sohn .22 cal western-style revolver and a Browning Hi-Power as my first handguns as a boy and the P228 "feels" right to me and has very natural pointability for me. The P7 feels to me like I always have to bring it up further than feels natural to aim. However, after firing the P7 for awhile I start feeling more natural with it.

There is no arguing that the P7 is a truly unique, innovative and quality-manufactured handgun. However, many people I have talked with do not like the squeeze-cocker mechanism of the P7 and the manual of arms that goes with it. I have to admit that for my grip the P7M8 feels odd. This is not true for me with the staggered clip M13-it feels very natural when gripped tightly with the gun "cocked". I truly wish I would have bought one of these when I could.

As far as muzzle flip goes, come one-it's a 9mm! I suppose if one fired from off hand position with +P+ it may be a factor for some. However, I usually fire from a modified weaver and have never had a problem. I have some Hirtenberger +P+ ammo with a bit of recoil (for a 9mm) and still no probs.

As far as the .45 goes there's no handgun I truly like available in this caliber. The P220 is a full size sidearm and I would prefer a compact .45 (I don't like the USP) If the P7 was available in this I might be one of it's worshippers.

I also have heard that the US Exeter NH-made Sigarms have a number of probs (spring-failures, slide fractures) that for some reason have not shown up on Eckernforde-made firearms.

My 2 cents-
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