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Originally Posted by johnlee
Interpret? LOL. That's how the 226 works. That is, unless you thumb-cock the damn thing every time you draw it.

I would imagine, that in an emergency situation where the gun is drawn prior to needing to be fired (example, broken glass in a downstairs room, with evidence of an intruder in the house) I would cock the hammer before I needed to apply the 'hammer'. Were I to be carrying and needed to draw-fire, I think repetitive training would overcome any DA shortcomings which you listed.

At the range, slip in the mag, release the slide, and the hammer is ready to go SA style.

as it sits...with my dealer unable to secure a USP9 for me to fire, I like the P226 the best, followed by the Glock 17 and 22. The other option I tried was the Springfield XD...which was a total cop-wannabe,thug-nightclub POS. I am not considering a 45 at this time, and still find it hard to believe that the 40 would be a better option than the 9 for anything other than "my gun is bigger than yours', which I could care less about.

thanks for the input...very helpful. Keep it up!
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