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A couple more pictures from my collection.

JSQ thought that my work trip might coincide with the wildflower bloom. I guess not.

I hiked up the mountain we camped next to on Saturday morning while Jack got some extra rest. I was racing to get to the top before the weather turned. Here are some pictures from the top. Actually I never made it to the real top. It was a false peak and the weather was quite wicked there so I called it enough and came back down.

The picture doesn't capture it well but I got I got a glimpse of a rainbow for our St Patrick's weekend.

We enjoyed the soda bread lunch and tea and then hit the road as the sky's were looking ominous.

We stopped to admire the catbox.

Just after the catbox, Jack let me drive. I had not drove a stick in about 5 years. Jack learned me about proper shifting and gear synchronizations.

Soon enough the rain had started and we decided to start heading toward a camp sight that would allow us to survive the weather for the night.

And then my camera battery died.

The end.
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