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My original point was that the SIG Sauer 9mm did not "suffer" from a high bore axis that caused excessive muzzle flip and thus inaccuracy. While it may have a higher bore axis than other semi-auto handguns, (but certainly no worse than most revolvers) many other features (barrel length, sight quality, weight, balance, grip angle, trigger feel and travel, etc.) may affect accuracy much more radically.

I think we agree that felt recoil is obviously one of the most important criteria affecting accuracy of which the caliber, bullet weight and load are paramount. I would say that for me, the 9mm round, in most any bullet weight and load, is not negatively affected (i.e. "suffer") by a high bore axis.

I haven't measured, but I believe the bore axis on my S&W 686+ is higher than my SIG Sauer. I am more accurate shooting this revolver in .357 mag than I am with my Glock 19. Even when firing DA. I do not care for the Glock "Safe Action" trigger and other features. I much prefer the P7 over the Glock.

My mentioning the FG42 illustrates the point that, despite a supposed low bore axis design, accuracy was difficult due to it's full-size round and resulting muzzle climb.
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