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The next day, we broke camp and headed for Dark Canyon and the Abajos.

The plan was to cross into Beef Basin and camp there.

We stopped on Elk Ridge and circled the wagons for some lunch.

The brunt of the storm system was moving through and it was getting colder by the minute. We decided that we needed more firewood.

We started the day in t-shirts and shorts but it was time to change into warmer gear. Jason, sporting his Russells.

Ben cooked Cheddarwurst in beer for the group.

Peter opted for ramen.

After lunch we continued down the backside of Elk Ridge, skirting Dark Canyon. Life was too easy and we were making good time when...

We scouted for alternate routes around the downed tree but the brush was full of the small stumps of recently cut small trees. It would be a nasty, time-consuming slog to get around the blocked road. We decided to move the tree.

Right after the tree was cleared, Ben broke a shock and got a flat. It was the Curse of Beef Basin for him once again.

We pushed on, nursing the leaky tire with the PowerTank.

When we got to Beef Basin, good camping spots were hard to come by. With such a large group, the usual stashes were too small. We needed to push on for Canyonlands, where we could squeeze everyone in and fix the broken shock.

We finally made it to camp.

I had brought a couple of my old Bilsteins as spares.

Sexy blue booty.

Peter went to work on the broken shock with his Anton Chigurh CO2 tank.

I had almost left spare bushings at home but decided to bring them at the last minute. I should have pressed them into the spare shocks before I left.

After trying hammers and the strength of lesser men, Steve stepped forward to be our human press.

With the spare shock installed, Jason made a nice dinner of NY strips for the crowd. We huddled around a fire that couldn't quite keep up with the freezing temperatures that had moved into the Canyonlands.
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