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We awoke the next morning to threatening skies. With fuel running low, we decided to make a push for Moab.

Fuel consumption is quite limiting down here. My truck has a 15 gallon tank and I carry only two fuel cans; after two days of driving, I was bumming fuel from the rest of the group. Jason, on the other hand, arrived in Moab with diesel to spare. His Tdi truck was a champ in the Canyonlands; it handled the tough sections effortlessly. I really want a three hundy now.

Shooting photos is a lot of work. I learned to drive fast and to handle tough obstacles without a spotter in order to stay ahead of the group.

My Blunnies took a beating from climbing rocks.

We finally made it to Moab that afternoon amid thunderstorms and winds. After dinner at Milt's, we decided to rent a house for the night. We stayed up late drinking tequila and telling stories. Ben and Jason departed for home early the next morning. The rest of the group stuck around and enjoyed a beautiful day of classic Moab trails under the warm sun.

We ran Fins 'N' Things. The last time I ran this trail was on my first trip to Moab with Marc O., Steve, and Rob. I remember approaching this obstacle and getting all fucked up on my line, almost driving off the ledge on the driver's side. I was totally gripped and Rob had to pull me back from the edge using my truck's tie-down points. I had no other recovery points.

This time around, the trail seemed ridiculously easy. It was the perfect final run for a wonderful trip.

We celebrated with trail coffee before saying our goodbyes and heading back to our home states.

The drive back to Colorado Springs.

Monarch #6.

Happy memories of a great trip with a fantastic group of guys.

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