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[quote=Steve Rupp]
Originally Posted by jrose609
A little Rolex love to go with the Zassenhaus......

I'm really digging the NATO strap now after looking at it more. After wearing my IWC Aquatimer with the rubber strap, the sub just doesn't look right on me anymore. I think I need a change.

Chris, where did you get that strap? I've looked a little online and everything I'm seeing is less than $20. Is that what they really cost, or do you have something better?

Steve, I'm wearing a NATO strap too. I've had my Bond strap for over a year. It is sooooo comfortable. I order mine from a company on eBay. I think they are in Bellvue. About $20 or $25.

Nice thing is, they are diving straps. If you break a pin, the watch is still held on to the strap by the other pin. Helps in not losing your watch to the depths while in the water.
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