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John, I am 100% agreement about the Anschutz.

I agree with you on the total and complete awesomeness of the Rolex Submariner with the Oyster strap. A person cannot beat the beauty of the Sub direct from the the hands of the artisans in Switzerland. She is a classic, and no one can ever take that away.


I wear a NATO band not because it is more beautiful or classic. I wear the band to preserve my oyster.

I am a LEO. I used to spend my time arresting drunk drivers. Drunks would fight, scuffle, and push. I was always worried of breaking my watch or strap.

I worked hard for a long time to be able to buy this watch. I Had always talked myself out of it and used money reserved for the watch to pay bills or whatever. I could not justify sending $4000 or more on a watch.

As Ben Little and Chris Snell can attest to, I had a pretty interesting experience in my job a few years back. There is no explainable reason I am still alive. I had read posts by you, Han, Chris, Aaron, Sheki, and a great number of others about the Rolex and the magic of the watch. Your posts, John, we're the posts that convinced me that I deserved the Rolex. I figured there was no time like the present for getting my Rolex. Who really knows how long we will be on this earth. After the incident I had, I started my search. I found a watch and bought it. Turns out by chance, this watch was first "adopted" on 5/31/06. May 31.2006 is the day my daughter was born. Chance? I think not. This watch was MEANT for me.

I want to be able to wear my watch at work. I wear a uniform to work and am in the public eye. I sacrificed for 10 years saving money for this watch, and I want to wear it every day until I die. When I die, my daughter will get my watch.

Watch people recognize the Rolex even in the NATO band. The NATO band is a classic too. Not as beautiful as the oyster, but still classic. It is not meant to be flashy or cheap. Rather for me it allows me to wear my watch every day to work without the risk of messing up my oyster strap. The NATO band does look good, and I can change it out for the oyster in about 3 minutes if I am going out with my beautiful wife.

So, there is not quite the Rolex awesomeness with the NATO strap as with the oyster. The durability is there. The classiness is there. Sean Connery sported a NATO band. Lots of people do. It is not a plastic or rubber Luminox band or a cheap patent leather piece of shit band. The NATO band looks nice, and it is toned down enough I can wear my watch to work without someone saying, "look at the government employee on the public tit sporting a Rolex." Fuck those people. I saved for 10 years for my watch, and it took nearly dying for me to realize it was okay for me to spend a little money on myself.
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