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I chatted with both Aaron and Ho this morning and we all think there should be some climbs included in Saturday morning's ride. The bunch of us don't get together very often, so the ride should be interesting and memorable rather than loops around Dennis the Menace Park. Greg is driving from Riverside. Aaron is driving from the Valley. Han is driving from Pasadena. Let's do an interesting ride and have a good time while eating shit together on the climbs.

I mapped out a route that takes us from the shop to Malaga Cove, up Via del Monte to Hawthorne, down Hawthorne to Portuguese Bend, then up PV East, and then straight north back to the shop from the top of PV East and along Arlington.

The ride includes two climbs, but the ride is only 30 miles so it won't be a death ride. Both climbs are difficult but shaded by tall trees. Also, there's a good variety of beautiful terrain on the route. There's a beautiful descent down Hawthorne with a majestic ocean view. The descent of PV East isn't technical, but it's twisty enough to be a lot of fun and if you're good you don't need to touch the brakes all the way down--just lean harder and harder. This is often more fun than descending something super-technical when you almost have to stop to negotiate hairpins. The ride along Portugese bend is contiguous with the ocean. Most importantly, a large chunk of the route is on non-busy roads and streets so that we can very often ride side-by-side and chit-chat rather than pacelining the entire ride and looking at each others' rear wheels.

No one should be worried about being in bad shape. I think we're all in bad shape, so we will all eat shit together. Don't bring your A-games on Saturday morning. Bring your C- or D-games and let's have a fun ride.

If you want to race, that's great. Go and enter a race.
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