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I realize the blacked out everything super duper carbon is all the rage nowadays and the silver stuff isn't period for a modern carbon frame, but I just couldn't do the blacked out stuff. Plus, that stuff is big bucks. I'll pay big bucks for stuff I really want, but I just didn't feel it on the carbon stuff.

I'm still waiting for that Ritchey SwissCross to come out. I saw some on eBay (not my size) but I'm guessing the SwissCrosses were sold before they even hit the shelves. I'll just wait it out.

The silver seatpost and bars on my EMX are Ritchey. But I rubbed out the painted Ritchey logos on them. I couldn't stand having that RITCHEY logo splashed all over a road bike. I got this bar and seatpost because they were the only silver ones I could find.

I like the bar:

These modern hispeed xtreem bikes are a joke. Even with the steerer cut to the minimum and the horizontal stem slammed all the way down, the levers are more than a centimeter higher than the levers on my yellow bike. What a joke.

I cut a centimeter off the ends of the drops and drilled the housings into the bar:

I just can't stand seeing housings under the bar tape, and this bike has four housings on the bar. So I drilled. I hope the bar doesn't snap. My old 65-40 drilled bar never snapped, but then again the holes were large enough for only one housing. I cut weenie shapes into this Ritchey bar to make clearance for the double housings.

The saddle is an Unicanitor that I bought on eBay. I hope it softens up. It's noticeably harder than the Unicanitor on my yellow bike. I put Ballistol all over the underside of the shell to try to moisten it. We'll see. The seatpost collar is now so tight that it's visibly bowed. I hope it doesn't snap.

This turd bike is just waiting to snap into pieces.
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