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Originally Posted by JSQ
Furthermore, I am want to readily accept that the StG44 is a less "powerful" weapon simply because of the cartridge it was chambered in. Much like the Stoner and Klashnikov designs the utility and the effectiveness of the weapon stems from it's ability to produce a well directed volume of fire. The tactical advances in the second world war at both small squad and larger company and even brigade levels proved that any sort of "one shot, one kill" doctrine was antiquated. At numerous times the American forces well equipped with the Garand and BAR demonstrated that fire superiority proved decisive in engagements between like forces. Now in those instances comparable cartridges were simply delivered by different means but the Eastern Front battles demonstrated that even the 7.62x25 Tokarev round was more effective than 7.92 Mauser when delivered in greater volume and concentration. In both instances the lethality of an individual deliberately fired round was outweighed by the greater likelihood of a hit possible with volume of fire action. More bullets = more hits. Not a greater percentage, just more wounds and kills total. In this sense the StG44 and it's successors are very powerful weapons indeed. They offer quick and relatively precise volume of fire which directly results in damage upon the enemy. They are a "powerful" weapon for the infantry soldier.

I think you're confusing "power" and "firepower".
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