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Good ride indeed... I'm pissed I couldn't hang out and eat lunch. I don't have many pictures but here are the few I took.

Morning fog was pretty dense so I had to tweak the pictures a bit.

PV East climbing... Aaron and Chris chitchatting or not...

and climbing...

cleared up towards the top and still climbing...

Resting at the top with Chris' Cinelli.

Hungry John. Love the Carlsberg Beer jersey and note his new race machine.

Still at the top of PV East and here is Greg after the climb. I think the couple things that don't belong in this picture are Greg's helmet and John's EMX. Everything else seems appropritate to the picture quality... LOL.

Heading back to the shop.

Check out John's new shoes. They are the new Specialized 74 retro all black genuine kangaroo leather shoes with BOA dials. I'm digging those shoes.

It was nice revisiting Via del Monte, PV East and the fun descents.
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