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Ok, be nice.

I wanted to solve a few of my own OCD issues I had with how I carried my gear. I hated having two heavy ass spares 1600's on the SD, carrying gas on the SD and having my Engel on a tall platform.

So I made a simple and secure storage out of 3/4 Baltic Birch which is secured with five grade 12 button head bolts and 3/16 backing plates under the truck.

I didn't want to have to take this out so I notched out the feet and seat belts for the back seat so that I could keep that functionality.

Now I can carry both of my 1600's along with 2-3 gas cans inside the cab. Everything is secured with 12" lengths of mac's. My fridge is also lower which is sweet.

My visibility is now awesome too. While looking into the rear view, I can't see a single item.


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