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I don't have room for four cars so I'd have to sell the 90. It's tough. My truck was such a basket case when I got it and it's come so far since. I trust it now. On the last Utah trip, I opened the hood to check the oil on the way out and never opened it again. Even though it has a virgin dash and next to no rust, it has 123K on it and I doubt I'd get more than $20K for it. $20K is more than enough to build my dream D1 but it seems like such a waste to ditch the Defender.

I must avoid anthropomorphism but it's hard not to see the truck as a friend who has been through a lot with me. It sucks to imagine selling it on the street to some Dendy Jarrett moron who will put an RTT and limb risers on it and drill the dash for a Cobra CB.

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