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Originally Posted by Mike_Rupp
1999 with no sunroofs. Not all of us live in a place with no rain.

If you buy a truck with sunroofs, it's just a matter of time before you'll want to light it on fire.

Not all of us live in a place where it rains on every day that ends with "Y".
I hear you on the leaking but double sun-roofs are very disco. Uniquely so. I used to have an SD with no sunroofs and now I have an SE with them. Of course, I got rid of the leather and power seats, but I still have the double sunroofs. I like the light through those little rolling shades and I like the look. I'll never open them and I would have no problem RTVing them in place. In fact, I even have a lowlander rack because my sunroofs will never move.
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