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Originally Posted by chris snell
I'll have to think about it when I get back home next week. I need to see just how bad the baby seat situation is in the D1. I saw an LR3 in a parking lot today and the back seat looked pretty small in that, too. The Tundra is super-roomy.

Whenever I ride in people's cars that have baby seats in them, the car always smells like rotten milk. If that's the destiny for my ride, that's going to factor into the decision. The Tundra is basically brand new with 8500 miles on it and the interior is flawless. I could sell it today and not take a huge hit on it. It may be a different story if it's covered in crushed crackers and apple sauce.

I'm not pleased with the carseat situation in our D1. The absence of the LATCH system means using the seatbelts exclusively. It's not half as secure as the LATCH setup in the D2. In the D2, once it's tight it is not going anywhere.

Unless both you and your wife are both very thorough in cleaning the interior you will get crackers, juice and milk in the truck. I'd recommend a seat cover, at least for the rear.

If the Tundra becomes your baby hauler, the interior will not be flawless for long.

Maybe we just have a messy kid. In any event, if our budget wasn't stretched tight I'd probably still hold off on that local dream D1 until my son is a little less sloppy.
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