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Originally Posted by stu454
Unless both you and your wife are both very thorough in cleaning the interior you will get crackers, juice and milk in the truck. I'd recommend a seat cover, at least for the rear.

There is no amount of thorough that will prevent this. Kids live in cars- they eat, sleep, puke and more. Crackers, juice and milk is just the beginning. How about a lollipop that has become one with the carpet? Incredible quality of funk in the cracks and seams.

Maybe we just have a messy kid.

If you have one, I have three.

Just get an appliance to haul the kids. Its a write off, cosmetically. Just plan on 10 or 15 years of slop, sell it and move on. The cost of doing business. Don't fight it. Save the clean car for the grownups.
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