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Originally Posted by benlittle
The back seat in the LR3 is awesome. AND the doors open to a full 90 degrees. Trust me, we looked at basically every SUV out there and the LR3 is the shit for kids. Add to the fact that we regularly get 18MPG's and it's just sweet.

We thought about a LR4 for our kid hauler SUV until we looked at the Audi Q7. I can't just buy a LR4 for the sake of owning a Land Rover. I'm never going to offroad the thing the way I do with the Disco. The most it will ever do is the occasional forest service road for fly fishing trips. The Q7 will handle anything like that with ease. The back seat is massive compared to a LR4; it reminds me of a LWB back seat.

I get 17-18 city and about 20 highway and it handles like an A8. I just wish I had more patience and ordered a tdi.
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