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Kids are just messy by nature, and not because there's 3 course dinners going on. Sure they sometimes eat- when they get out of school they're famished because they haven't eaten in a couple of hours. But lunch boxes spill, they climb on the seats to get to the third row, there's wet swim suits and towels, muddy soccer cleats, beach sand and the dog. And then there's carpools and their friends. There's Costco, the park, balls, bats, bags, Home Depot. It goes on and on. You can spend all your time chasing after them with a sponge, but why stress it? Get good floor mats and seat covers and clean it out once in a while. Accept that life is messy.

But we do have a clean car. They don't mess up that car, even though they ride in it almost every morning. The Sequoia is play clothes. My car is church clothes.
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