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Originally Posted by ronward
All kids aren't messy. All kids don't destroy or eat and puke in cars even. I don't ever remember any of my cars/trucks getting fucked up interiors from my kids. My wife's Yukons and Volvo wagons either. We never did a lot of snacking, crackers and stuff in the car but the random spill was cleaned up pronto.

That being said, even messy kids who have to sit in traffic to get to school, etc. can be cleaned up after. I'm just saying, don't avoid a D1 (child seats fit fine, deal with it) because of your baby.

Ron's comments are key to keeping your car clean with kids...just say "no!" I have a 7 yr old daughter and I very rarely at all allow her to eat in the car when we are driving locally. I mean how long are you really in the car driving locally? 30 - 45 min max? Heck even an hour, your kids arent going to starve to death.

If I do allow eating, its something dry that can be cleaned up easily. All liquids have a lid (sippy cup or cap w/ straw), period. Also, I have two towels under the car seats - they catch spills and protect the leather.

My ex's LR3 looks like shit on the interior because they are constantly eating in the car...i dont get it.

Chris Snell....Regarding the D1 seats and car seats. The rear seat is fine for child seats. There is plenty of room. There are two downsides to D1 backseats and carseats. 1) the lack of LATCH system for child seats that have to be secured (unlike booster seats). However, I made do using both the seat belt (with the supplied brass seatbelt retainer) and the seatbelt mounts in the floor behind the rear seat. Get the Graco seats with the simple metal curved hook/clip.

2) width for others. Car seats will take up space width wise, so if you have more than one, only two kids (in carseats) can usually ride in the back. I have had two adults and my daughters car seat in the back, it was tight but doable. Not something for long trips.

The LR3 has been great with kids. Plenty wide and much easier to egress and ingress.
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