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Genuine Parts

Guys, I need a no-bullshit source for Genuine Parts. I buy from EE when it's something they stock but for other stuff I have to go to Rovers North or AB. I used to have good luck with RN and AB but lately, it's a crapshoot whether or not they'll ship me the real deal Genuine stuff.

My fuel sender is flaking out and the fuel gauge isn't reading accurately. The needle is reliable below 1/2 full but won't ever go above that. This makes me think that it's a mechanical problem with the sender, probably because my truck sat around for a month while I was in NC. I ran some BG44 through it to no avail. I think it's the shitty Britpart fuel pump that I swapped in a couple of years ago.

Dropping the tank on the 90 is such a colossal pain in the ass so I want to swap this POS fuel pump for Genuine but I can't find one. I want the genuine shitty Lucas stuff. I used to call George but he seems to have stopped stocking NAS parts. Where can I go?

(no, I don't want to buy used parts)
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