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I did the carseat gig in my old 96 D1. Never had a problem but the latch system is certainly a safer arrangement. I never had much of a problem keeping the car clean, but then again I'm a fanatic about keeping the interior clean. I always put the carseat on a folded over towel so that the seat base didn't dig into the leather and it also helps keep crumbs out of the crevices. And as far as puking goes, it'll happen. When you see your poor child puking in the backseat your compassion for your child overrides your concern for your vehicle.

I really enjoyed my D1 but I enjoy my D2 more. Even with all the pain in the ass shit on this D2 I still prefer it over the D1. That's not to say I don't have the D1 love...I just prefer driving this D2.
2004 D2

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