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the past week my two girls have been out of school and they have been running around with me 24/7. we have been hauling around the dogs in the 110 and every time i load my 4 year old in and out of the second row seat i want to take a video and post it in this thread.

its not bad once or twice a week, but try doing it 5 and 6 times a day. its terrible. D1/D2, 110, even the RRC all sucked with young kids in car seats. whats even worse is that their mom purchased a reccaro car seat and sometimes i need to use it in a pinch. that thing doesnt even go in the 110 with out some tetris action.

the mkIII is mildly better, but no winner either. despite all the grief i would not trade for anything, just dont fool yourself into thinking its a family truck for young children. the only thing that gives me hope is my youngest will be in a booster shortly, then loading and unloading will be a breeze. i think there is a narrow window from 7 to 12 that the 110 will work. because there comes a point when too big of a human is hard to get in the second row of that truck.
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