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Originally Posted by discotdi
What the fuck is up with this MKIII shit, can't you guys just say Range Rover? It's a Range Rover or how about RR? Seriously.

How could anyone possibly buy an Audi Q7 over an LR4? Maybe I could see it if it was a TDI, but gas no way. You must have had he worst LR salesperson ever. A Land Rover guy that buys a Q7

The real question is how could anyone spend $50K+ on the most hideous vehicle Land Rover ever produced? The LR4 is fucking nasty. The grill and taillights are complete ghetto. You could show me a comparison of every specification where the LR4 has an edge over the Q7 and it wouldn't make a difference.

The other thing that makes no sense is the lust for the tdi in the Q7 as that would somehow elevate it to an acceptable level for you. It clearly has to be an emotional attachment to a diesel. The tdi in the current Q7 isn't an improvement over the 3.0T. It's considerably slower and only gets 2mpg better.
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