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Originally Posted by benlittle
What the fuck are you talking about? MKIII was introduced in 2003-Present. We're talking about a MKIII... A Range Rover of 2003-Present vintage.

No shit Sherlock! But to be specific even within the MKIII range you must specify the year. A 2003 RR and a 2010 or 2012 are very different trucks. So, if you state you are looking for a MKIII to buy for your kid hauler what do you mean? 2003, 2006,???. Why not just say I want a 2008 Range Rover for example?
To use the term MKIII generically, fine but it does not narrow the field specifically.
And I do have a clue, I've been driving Land Rovers for over 17 years and know the difference between a P38 and MKIII. I also know they are both just Range Rovers.
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